Video Proof: The Love for Animals has NO LIMITS!

Love for Animals no limits 2

Some animals stay human`s best friends for life. Simply join the words trust and animals and you have something beautiful, love for animals. But earning the trust is not something straight forward. It takes days, weeks, months or even years to make it happen. Animals are the only one who will not let you down. Our pets are perfect examples; we all love them and love spending time together. But in the following video, these people`s “pets” are not your usual pets. They take the term pets a step forward. They developed trust with animals such as black panthers, lions, bears, gorillas and even ALLIGATORS!

In the first video we see the unusual relationship between a man and a black panther, probably the most interesting video as well. That is because the panther stalks and gets nearer to the man, as if when they hunt, yet that is the way he plays with the man. He jumps at him and loves being petted. Another fascinating love for animals regardless what animal it is, is the relationship between the polar bear and the man. They even swim in the pool together! Check the video for more. What do you think, how long it takes to develop such bond between them?

Before you go, here are the most common signs that you love animals more than people.

Friendship and trust 🙂

Posted by Daily Positive on Saturday, April 29, 2017