Girl Being Attacked by a Shark While Broadcasting Goes VIRAL!

Diving and swimming with sharks, whether in closed cages or along with them has been a thrilling activity to do, especially for the more experienced divers. The cage dumped underwater guarantees safety even to those who dive for the first time. This was not the case with CamSoda model Molly Cavalli. Basically, CamSoda is one of the most technically advanced cam social networks on the web, which joins modern technology along with beautiful girls. One of their best models, Molly, was viciously attacked by a shark while broadcasting from the cage.

At first everything seemed to be ok. The shark swam patently around the cage for several minutes, while the girl was having some great time. Then, out of the blue, the girls` foot stuck out of the cage and was bitten by the lemon shark. She immediately climbed up the boat and blood was dripping all over the place. The whole broadcasting had to be cancelled and the girl was utterly shaken up and terrified. After all, is stated that, Molly is doing fine now. It took 20 stitches to close the wound but she is feeling great now and is grateful for her speedy recovery. For a while now she will be known as the girl attacked by a shark.

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