Here is the Latest RUSSIAN MADNESS! An SUV-Boat! These Guys Are INSANE!!!

I think that by now I do not have to tell you, but you know it well yourself, that madness in Russia never sleeps. On the other hand, one could say that it is not craziness or anything alike, but that Russians are only unusually creative and bold people, so I will leave that dilemma to each of you to decide it for yourself, according to your own standards. And the video that we have prepared for you in today`s article would be a really good starting point to come up with the right answer about it.

So far, we have seen some really weird and bizarre looking things on Russian streets and highways, Russian drivers in their `very best` moments, and many other totally insane things from this northern people. But this is something that could very well be quite new for all (or many) of us.

It is an SUV that has been given a role of a real boat, `driving` throughout the midst of the river, and later on it goes out on the bank, just as if it was something totally trivial, like parking on the side of the street. I do not know whether these guys got their inspiration from the latest Russian amphibious vehicle Aton Impulse Viking, but they sure put that SUV to an ultimate test. And it passed it pretty successfully, I should add. But you better check it out and see what I`m talking about.