Exclusive Video: The Fearsome Somali Pirates Are Finally STOPPED!

For many decades, the well-known Somali pirates have been known for causing troubles and terrorizing the ships which get too close to the African area. During the period of 2008 to 2011, the Somali pirates were at its peak and cost the shipping industries billions of dollars. This is because this area is an important trade route. But what happens in the following video might break the Somali gangsĀ forever. Namely a ship was sailing in the waters when the Somali pirates tried to attack it. Little do they know that this ship had its own security guards, and not just any.

These guards were highly equipped with rifles and there were many of them hence the ship was huge. The Somali pirates were spotted from a distance but when they got dangerously close to the ship, the guards opened fire. They started shooting immediately and rained the small Somali boat with bullets. Only seconds after, the pirates retreated. We do not have any information whether someone was killed during the shootout. So maybe this new system of guarding a ship will put an end to the pirates who constantly terrorize the waters near Africa, what do you think?

For the full history about the Somali pirates, follow this link.