Dramatic Moment: Carnival Cruise Ship DESTROYS An Entire Italian Marina In Its Wake!

A quiet and calm Italian marina is completely destroyed by the immense wash from a carnival cruise ship`s powerful propellers. You can see small boats being swamped and overturned. Many pontoons being ripped from moorings and dragged underwater. The huge ship that caused this immense wash goes by the name of Carnival Vista. The port authority announced that the damage of the marina is estimated at staggering $250,000! The entire footage that shows the catastrophic event is recorded through a CCTV camera. It`s no wonder such a wash happened when you take in mind that the Carnival Vista weighs incredible 133,500 tons.

The incident happened while the Carnival Vista was sailing out of the port. The name of the Italian Marina is Marina del Nettuno and is located right next to the port the cruise ship was sailing out of. However, it is not clear to the authorities why this cruise liner was sailing so near to the small marina. The 1,062ft-long Carnival Vista is the largest and newest vessel in the fleet of Miami-based Carnival Cruise Line. It has a capacity of 4,000 passengers and it also features a large water park, aerial cycling track and a huge IMAX movie theatre.

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