Impressive Firepower That Will Scare You! Check Out The GECAL 50 – US Military Gatling Gun!

Although we focus most on cars, other kind of machinery can be as equally impressive. Today, we take a look at one piece of machinery that belongs to the most powerful army in the world, our very own US army! As you may already know, the US Army has an impressive array of weapons at their disposal, and today we take a look at the GECAL 50, a military gatling gun! This weapon can fire between 1000 and 2000 rounds per minute, and it fires .50 cartridges. Overall, this is one really powerful gun. Allow us to delve a little deeper into the astounding GECAL 50.

The GECAL 50 was originally made by General Electric, and afterwards it was manufactured by Lockheed Martin. Nowadays, General Dynamics are manufacturing this weapon. Its official name is the GAU-19, and it takes only 0.4 seconds to reach its maximum firing rate! This model is not only used by the United States army, but from other armies as well. It was originally planned to be a larger and more potent weapon, but it was eventually built in two different configurations. Anyway, if you are a type of person that loves weapon, you will undoubtedly like this video! Check it out below!

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