Cool Nightstand With Secret Compartment! By Black Pearl Wood Works!

Black Pearl Wood Works is operated and owned by Mike Nugent. Mr. Nugent attended the State University of New York at Alfred back in 1976 -78. He specialized in building construction and cabinet making. He is definitely a guy of many talents but reached his peak in creating beautiful and extraordinary custom woodwork. Mike is also a renowned Fire Service veteran and a talented musician who created his own brand. Nevertheless, even though Mike is a man of many talents we will remain our focus on his extraordinary custom woodwork. What is featured in this video is an awesome nightstand with a very neatly made hidden compartment.

This neatly concealed compartment featured in the nightstand is the most ideal hiding spot for all of your valuable items or items that you need to conceal but need to access quickly if you are in a hurry. All of Black Pearl Wood Works products are completely American Made. Besides this neat nightstand with a hidden compartment they make all kinds of custom made furniture, desk keepsakes, trophy cases, humidors, flag cases etc. To be more precise, they can make you everything that`s made from wood. The price for this excellent nightstand with hidden compartment is $450. You can get two for the price of $700.

For more info about Black Pearl Wood Works, visit their official FB Page.