SEMI TRUCK ACCIDENT Wyoming: Semi Toppling Over Police Car Due To High Wind!

When you think of dangerous road conditions, the most usual culprits are snow, ice and rain. These are the ones you need to be careful from the most. However, these elements are not the only one you need to be careful of while driving. In this semi truck accident Wyoming video, we can see a different kind of culprit that can take you by surprise. That culprit is the wind and in this scenario you can see exactly how much wind can be a dangerous element when it comes to road conditions. The accident is very severe. Fortunately, everyone managed to escape from this situation unscathed.

The truck was rolling on Interstate 80 which is located in southern Wyoming when suddenly high winds caused it to topple over an empty police car. The police car was crushed like a can under the massive weight of the semi. Winds up to 90mph were noticed when the crash took place. The whole video was recorded from a dash camera inside a different patrol car. You can notice the wind nudging the trailer which results in knocking over the rig. The skidding truck scarcely missed the car filming. Check out this insane semi truck accident Wyoming video below and tell us what you think!

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