Insane Compilation: Motorcycle Daredevils vs The Police!

Motorbikes can offer a huge deal of fun. However, some riders are taking their bikes to an entirely different level. Some are extremely talented adrenaline junkies who constantly seek to up their game on a motorcycle with some insane stunts. However, some of these talented lunatics are showcasing their antics on public streets. Having said that, when you are doing such insane things on public roads the boys in blue are ought to get you. Nevertheless, as we said previously, these are some insanely talented motorcycle daredevils that are extremely prepared to even challenge the authority. While we doesn`t condone such riding, it does bring some pretty spectacular videos.

In this one, you will be able to see many extremely talented motorcycle daredevils that demonstrates their ability. Even if we don`t condone such riding, you got to give credit where credit is due. However, some of them are failing hard. So, not everyone manages to escape. For example, one rider at the 3:19 mark in the video is doing a wheelie straight into a police car before being apprehended by the police officer. This clip will definitely leave you wondering, what was this guy thinking? Check out the entire compilation put together by the YouTube channel FailsAndFights and enjoy!

Finally, watch the policeman who shows serious motorcycle skills!