Motorcyclist vs Sedan Accident! When KARMA Strikes Back!

Driving cautiously and not causing any trouble should be every driver number one priority. You might endanger your own and someone else`s life. Despite all the precautions, accidents unfortunately occur very often, some even end fatally. New car technology might be one step forward towards safer driving, but it is just one piece of the puzzle. In the following video we see a car accident and what happens when karma strikes back. Though the video is short, and we do not know much about why this had happened, it is enough to make us think twice before causing any troubles on the road.

Namely, we see a motorcyclist driving in the car pool lane, which is line used at peak travel times, and a car driver closing in on him from the side. The motorcyclist hits the car with his right foot, but then the car driver smashes into him. Luckily, the motorcyclist manages to control his bike, and this is where the karma strikes back. The car driver ends up crashing into the side wall, and then even crashes into another vehicle causing terrible disaster. After watching this video, you should stay safe on the road and stay away from troubles.

Before you go, have a laugh with these Karma Strikes Back photos which are taken on several parking lots.