This Nissan GTR Crash Compilation Gives Lessons To Be Learned!

Are you a fan of the Nissan GTR? If so, the following Nissan GTR crash compilation is not the one for you. In the following video, we see numerous crashes of the GTR. Some of them occur while racing on the tracks, some while driving in the city and there are even crashes while drag racing. The first video seems to be the most serious crash of them all. Namely, the driver was presumably racing in a rally, he was driving with high speed and when he was supposed to make a slight turn to the left, he lost control of the car and ended up flipping several times in the field.

Another Nissan GTR crash which is probably the most irritating one is when an arrogant driver of a red Nissan was driving on the OPPOSITE side of the road, there was a double line, and crashed into a SUV. They both end up blocking the traffic, but luckily both of them seem to be OK. Most of the videos were filmed from a dash cam. Check out the rest of this Nissan GTR crash compilation and you be the judge, are Nissan drivers labeled as rude and arrogant for no reason or it really is like that?

Finally, here are some tips from Lamborghini -- How to drive fast and safe!