Speeding Motorcyclist Miraculously SURVIVES Being Run Over By A Bus At An Intersection In Brazil!

A bike rider amazingly survived after getting run over by a bus. This horror crash occurred in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The speeding motorcyclist tried to pass a bus when the accident happened. The entire footage of this crash was recorded by a fellow bike rider`s helmet cam, who was riding right behind him. When the light turned green, you can see the bike rider speeding up as the big bus moves to the left lane, stopping for passengers. Nevertheless, the motorcyclist wasn`t fast enough, and found himself between a curb and the large bus`s front bumper, causing him to terribly crash.

Because the bus had too much momentum in order to stop, it ran over the speeding motorcyclist. When you see the biker under the bus, you`ll think there is absolutely no way he is getting out of that alive. Nevertheless, the biker miraculously jumps back up after the incident and appears to be completely unharmed. Legally, the biker did nothing wrong as he was riding in the left lane while the bus in the right. Driving in the right lane, the bus driving was only allowed to go straight and not left. Nevertheless, when riding a bike you need to be more careful and pay extra attention.

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