Driver Avoids Being Involved in One Of The Most Terrifying Crashes Ever!

Imagine – you`re out on the road, you`re driving down the highway, completely within the rules of the law and suddenly a car jumps up from the right and flies straight towards you! This would be one of the most terrifying car crashes ever, right? Well, the driver in this video didn`t have to imagine it – he had it happen to him, and he caught it all on camera! It`s a horrifying experience and I wouldn`t wish it on anyone, since that flying car would have smashed right into his car, and with their combined speeds it would be devastating.

However, the accident didn`t go any further. The car that flew out of control crashed on the road instead of on the driver recording the video, and this is only because he had awesome reflexes and was able to dodge the car by making a sharp left turn at the last second. He did expose himself to cars coming the other way, but fortunately there was nobody there. If there was nobody behind him either, there is a chance that this accident was without any casualties. Nevertheless, it`s a lesson for everyone watching – keep your eyes on the road – you may have to react with lightning speed if you wish to avoid terrifying crashes like this.

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