Can’t Touch This Car Compilation!

Before watching the following car compilation video, just to let you know that this video has literary everything and everything might surprise you. We see short clips from people racing on the tracks, racing on the motorway, driving on the grass, police chases, races in the city and much more. Some races have unexpected winners. The first video of the car compilation proves just that. We see a SUV driving very fast in the dirt besides the road and overtakes the driver which is filming from the car. Take that and combine every video with the famous “Can`t touch this” song and you get something special!

We even see a police car chasing down a speeding car but fails funnily. Just to prove that this car compilation has literary everything, there is a clip from a NASCAR in which the people standing near the fence get blown away from the wind caused by the speed they are going. There are even some old cars which no one could have expect to see them go that fast, but that is what this compilation is about. There are drag races too! Check the video and see this ridiculously great car compilation!

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