Volkswagen Beetle Kicks A Deer 50 FEET In The AIR! ! Poor Animal!

One of the first things you are taught when you start driving is to always stay alert! All kinds of crazy things can happen on the road and you must always be prepared! These kinds of videos are here to remind us why we should always be careful about our surroundings. However, we are sure that nobody would have been prepared for this! This video depicts a Volkswagen Beetle accident, but it doesn`t involve a car. The accident is actually caused by a deer! Deer are known to run across roads trying to pass to the other side, and they also cause accidents every now and then.

This driver could never react on time to avoid the poor animal, mainly because it jumped right in front of the Volkswagen Beetle. Even a Formula 1 race car would have had trouble avoiding this deer. We highly doubt that the animal survived this horrible accident. At the very least, the Volkswagen Beetle driver wasn`t hurt because of the crash. We can`t say the same about the deer though. If you want to see this weird Volkswagen Beetle accident, play the video below! Also, let this remind you once again to always to be alert while on the road! Stay safe!

Do you know that deer `cause up` to 74,000 road accidents a year? Here is the article.