OMG! MONSTER Lamborghini Drag Car Hits the Wall at Full Throttle – Only Minor Damage!

In deed it is very lucky, because when you come to think about it, in most of these cases, in this type of situations and videos, in which we have some of those drag monsters, specially modified and designed to go at incredible speed, that are loosing control and end up with a terrifying crash. But the following video that we have prepared for you today is something a little bit more different. The driver of this beast manages to somehow get a control over the car and avoid a total destruction!

We all know very well just how fast these drag cars can go and when it happens to get out of balance and loose control, the big boom and pieces flying all over the place is inevitable scene. But this time we have this black Lamborghini black drag racing monster, highly modified (but unfortunately we do not have the specs to give it to you), that hits the wall at full throttle. Fortunately the driver manages to slow it down and regain the control over it and to avoid much bigger and fatal crash.

So go ahead, check out the video and tell me your opinion about it.

Enjoy the video below!

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