LAMBORGHINI Is The One-Size-Fits-All Word!! Don’t Miss This HURACÁN TEST Drive With A Beauty!

No matter if it is a test drive or not, driving a Lamborghini is always considered as a privilege. Today we have to show you a test drive of Lamborghini Huracán taking place in the lovely, sunny Greece. At the beginning the driver gets to know us with the specifications of this Lambo. It has 5.2 V10 direct injection engine WITHOUT TURBO OR SUPERCHARGER that produces 610 HP. That`s right! All the power comes JUST from the engine. And then, when the driver is about to head towards the mountain for the test drive, a surprise emerges on the road – a stunning looking blond.

After picking her up, the driver starts describing the gearbox. It is a dual-clutch transmission (sometimes referred to as a twin-clutch transmission or double-clutch transmission). All the time while the driver is talking you have the chance to listen to the astonishing sound of this car. The Lamborghini Huracán uses all-wheel drive. Up to 50% of the torque this vehicle produces go to the front wheels which give the car strong start and stability around the corners. In addition, the driver makes a little comparison between the Huracán and Nissan GTR from his point of view. At the end, you are going to have the pleasure to see what this car is about.

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