Taking A Bugatti To A Cheap Car Wash??? Here Is The Top 10 Car Wash Fails Compilation!

We all know that awesome feeling once you get your car cleaned you then look at it and it gives you a new face of life. Afterwards, you feel good like wearing a fresh wear of pants! Like with everything, there is always someone there to mess things up even when it comes to something simple like going through a car wash. Having said that, the YouTube channel Gaskings has put up a hilarious top 10 car wash fails compilation that will leave you bursting with laughter. In this compilation you can find literally every kind of car wash fail that you can imagine.

Some of them are insanely idiotic. For example, there is one guy that enters the car wash flat out destroying both his car and the car wash`s equipment inside. Other car wash fail features a girl taking a selfie inside her car while in the car wash when suddenly her car is being heavily flooded. Have you ever seen a motorcycle entering a car wash? If not, you have the opportunity to see such a thing in this compilation. Other clip shows a woman cleaning her car thoroughly both inside and out. There are many other insane car wash fails featured in this compilation so make sure to watch the entire video. The end is quite surprising!

Finally, see what the most expensive car wash in the World looks like!