Now This Is A Nice Car Wash! Your Car Will Undoubtedly Be Squeaky Clean If These Girls Wash It!

Having a car comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is cleaning it! You can either clean your car yourself or choose to take it to a car wash. A car wash can be expensive at times, but nothing beats a nice car wash for your prized possession. In the video that we are sharing with you guys today, you will have the pleasure of seeing how a nice car wash looks like in Russia! If you own a Ford Mustang or a Chevy Camaro like these guys, this is definitely the way you want your car to be washed!

Anyway, a group of several amazing women step in and start cleaning the cars using every part of their body! Now that is what we call a nice car wash! After all, after getting an awesome ride like the Chevy Camaro, you would like to give it the best wash there is! Luckily, these guys knew where to find the perfect group for washing the car! Needless to say, both cars were squeaky clean after these ladies were done with them. We don`t know if there is a washing service in the US such as the one in the video, but if you know about one, let us know!

At last, here are some easy steps to shampoo and dry your show car!