Miracle In Mumbai: Girl Survives A Train Hit Even After Being Run Over!

In this miraculous video, a Mumbai girl managed to survive a close-death experience after a speeding train run over her at a train station. The girl goes by the name of Pratiksha Natekar and lives in Mumbai`s Bhandup. She left this train hit incident with only small injuries and was quickly discharged from the hospital after receiving the proper treatment. Judging by the video, the girl was not paying attention enough when running across the railway tracks. Apparently, she ran in order to climb the platform in time. When she realized that the speeding train is approaching her, it was way too late.

The train hit her with huge force and she hit the ground very hard. After she hit the ground, the train literally run over her. Fortunately, she managed to fell right in the middle of where the train was passing. She was also very lucky to stay low enough and avoid the train hitting her. The girl then talked to the TV channel NDTV and told everyone not to use earphones while crossing the railways. She continued to appeal to use the foot over-bridge in order to cross the tracks. You can see the entire train hit reportage done by TV5 News in the video below.

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