Locked Keys In Your Truck?! This Farm Girl Has A Solution!

Wedging can cause significant damage to your vehicle. One of the dangers are breaking glass, accidental airbag deployment or bending frame. So, before doing this take in mind that you must do this carefully. We all know how frustrating it can be to have locked keys in your car. It can happen to everyone somewhere down the line. However, no need to fret as this beautiful farm girl can show you how to unlock your car in the easiest way possible. It`s a very neat trick that features a pump wedge or an air wedge. This farm girl is really amazing and beautiful and on top of that she can do almost anything.

This hot girl goes by the name of Banshee Moon and she demonstrates all kinds of helpful tricks in her underwear. She may be doing that for clicks but hey, it works for us. Besides, she really gets the job done and shows a neat trick. So what you want to do if you have locked keys in your car is putting the pump wedge in the small gap on top of the door to let all of that air out. Than you pump the wedge and make a bigger gap so the rod can fit. Then you just simply stick the rod inside the gap and click on the button that unlocks your door.

Plus, here are 15 more tips on how to get inside your car or house if you forgot the keys.