Please Be Advised, This Is Not LEGAL! How To Remove Wheel Clamps Using A Screwdriver & Pliers!

Many of you will find this situation familiar. You park somewhere where you aren`t supposed to, and leave the car for a couple of moments. You return and you see the one thing you don`t want to see. Wheel clamps placed on your tires so you can`t move anywhere! However, there is a way to remove these things from your tires and to hit the road! You should note that this is ILLEGAL, and we are only showing it to you for your viewing pleasure. In order to remove the wheel clamps, you will only need a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

This trick will work on older wheel blocks that are way simpler than the newer ones. Anyways, all you will have to do is unscrew the cap first, and that will enable you to pop the pin. After pushing the pin up, the wheel clamps can be removed! It is as simple as that! However, we advise you NOT to do this because you might get an even bigger fine for removing the wheel clamps! Nonetheless, this is a neat trick to know, so why not share a video of it! Watch the video below so you can find out how to do this trick. Enjoy!

Have you read about the new type of wheel clamps called “Barnacle”? Instead of wheels, “Barnacle” blocks the entire widescreen!