The Most Spectacular Supercar Fails Are Here! It Hurts To Watch!

Apparently, when people get a car that costs dozens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, they tend to get careless. This video of the best supercar fails shows exactly that – how people lose their grip on their wheel or don`t have control over where their tires are going or don`t even know if their exhaust is shooting out flames, like it definitely shouldn`t be. One of the guys driving a Lambo in Dubai sets his entire car on fire because he was too busy showing off to care about the inferno coming out of his exhaust.

However, these supercar fails are often because drivers think they can do something at high speeds, such as jump over certain points, take sharp turns while going as fast as they can or just slamming straight into walls as they suddenly lose control of their vehicles. This video alone has millions of dollars worth of damages, and I really hope these drivers got away without any injuries and that we will see these cars on the streets soon enough. However, a word to the wise – if you have a supercar, we can see that. You don`t have to show off and end up damaging it, or worse, destroying it completely.

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