High Speed Motorcycle Crash In Heavy Rain! Man Grabs & Saves Girlfriend!

We have seen it tons of times before. A couple on a motorbike, speeding down a very wet road, losing control and crashing. However, in this one, on a very rainy day something extraordinary happened. This couple on a motorbike suddenly completely lost control and started hydroplaning on the highway. The crash happened in Thailand. This guy`s girlfriend started gliding unto the arriving traffic. However, due to this guy`s fast reaction, he aggressively grabs her thus saving her from impending doom. This is most certainly a heroic move. However, this high speed motorcycle crash was all his fault because he was going flat out on a rainy weather.

Whatever the case may be, his girlfriend is now safe, and we can say that this guy deserves the Best Boyfriend Award. His name is Assadawut Ngobudda, and he`s 25 years old. When they stop gliding down the road, Ngobudda helps her getting up. Both of them managed to leave this high speed motorcycle crash unscathed. The girl only had a small leg injury. Fortunately, the protection gear and helmet saved both of their lives. Ngobudda is also a motorbike racer who has many awards under his belt. Besides being a racer, he is also employed as a music teacher.

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