This Insane Monster Truck Owned By A Trump Fan Is Worth $1 MILLION!

When you build a vehicle meant for the mud, you take function over form and aesthetics. This is very logical considering that the vehicle is going to get fully dirty and beat on anyway. So, this approach is definitely for the better. But, with this insane monster truck that is priced at staggering million dollars, we can see something entirely different. It`s a machine that respects both of the aforementioned metrics equally. It`s huge and bad, but looking pretty good as well. So, in this one, you can get a full rundown of everything this incredible monster truck can do.

We are talking about a custom made bling machine that totally justifies its million dollar price tag. It can completely tear it up even in the muddiest, nastiest and deepest of mud holes that can be found in Florida. Florida is definitely no joke when it comes to such endeavors. It features some of the most monstrous mud bogs in the world. That is not all, in this video, despite this insane monster truck we are talking about, you will also get to see many other awesome monster trucks tearing up mud holes. Check out the video below and prepare to witness the greatest Mega Truck Racing spectacle ever!

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