A Real Mud Hole Trouble For the Truck Girls! Can Someone Give me a Hand?

Is this what happens when girls found themselves in front of a huge mud hole? Because, what we have here is mud hole that looks like the ultimate Nemesis for every monster truck out there, no matter who is sitting behind the wheel. And these girls are really something, persistent to the very end, not knowing the meaning of the words `I give up` and `impossible to do it`…

Equipped with hard core diesels, big tires that look like it could cross over the Grand Canyon, and character on which even many strong and fearless men would be jealous.

Still, it seems like nothing can match this nasty bounty hole from the pits of the hell.

One after another, every truck is trying to pull over to the end of this ordeal, but nothing seems to be working as it should. I guess in this case, they are biting off more than they can chew. So, little help from the side would be a good solution when you find yourself stuck in this mud hole.

Sorry girls, better luck next time!

Enjoy the video below!

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