Check Out This Epic Gold Digger Tank Prank! This Video Is So Funny!

An overwhelming majority of guys love two things from the very start, cars and women! Both of these can bring us a lot of enjoyment, and that is why many of us constantly gaze at them! If you have a nice car, be careful, because there are girls out there that will only like you because of the car. They are more commonly known as gold diggers, and they love being materialistic. In the video that we have you today, you will have the pleasure of seeing how one guy dealt with a gold digger! If you have ever stumbled upon this type of girls then this tank prank will give you a laugh.

A guy goes up to a girl in a swimsuit, asking her out for dinner. He is instantly turned down by the girl, after she says she has a boyfriend. Slightly disappointed, the guy goes back to his freaking tank, preparing to drive away. Suddenly, after seeing the tank, the girl is interested in a date! Luckily, the guy recognized the girl as a gold digger, and destroys her car! To clear things up, this is a tank prank, and it is not real! However, we have to admit that many of us dislike gold diggers, and that if this really happened, we would be glad. Watch the video below!

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