This Kid Has His Dream Ride In L.A. With FREDRIC AASBO! 800+ HP Car, Burnouts, Torque, Drifting…

Never have I ever, even in my wildest dreams, dreamt of Fredric Aasbo taking me for a ride in his 800+ hp car! But that`s not the case with the kid from the next video. We represent to you a short film by “Papadakis Racing” called “Dream ride Los Angeles”! A young kid walks by the bank of LA River and makes the biggest discovery of every Motor Head`s life! He finds Fredric Aasbo`s ride and decides to get in and have a little fun. But that`s not all – Fredric walks by and offers the young boy a ride!

Enjoy the next couple of minutes watching Fredric Aasbo and his new little friend driving MADLY through the streets of LA! Take a look of all the burnouts, all the torque. And the drifting, that is a whole new thing to talk about. We always knew about the amazing driving skills Fredric possesses, but this time he managed to shock us all over again! Don`t wait any more. You have your 5 minutes in front of you. Fredric Aasbo has decided to take you for a spin, don`t miss it!

If you want to see more of Aasbo’s talent, follow this link.