Tanja Haapanen On A KTM RC8R-Bee Drifter Flashing Her Behind & Getting Attention!

Beautiful girls on powerful bikes! That is what we want to deal with. We have covered many motorcycle videos in the past but this one brings something totally new. Fortunately for you, we have stumbled across a video that definitely contains everything you can wish for. It`s a crazy girl that`s riding around on a huge KTM RC8R-Bee Drifter with her skirt blowing high up in the wind. We also don`t make no apology for it. The girl is a very hot blonde that comes from the Bomber magazine. Her name is Tanja Haapanen and she is the hottest bike enthusiast you have ever seen.

She rides the bike in, well, not many clothes really. So, having said that, while riding the RC8R-Bee Drifter bike, she is attracting a lot of attention. This doesn`t come as a surprise really. After all, you don`t see smokin` beautiful women riding giant motorcycles every day. This girl riding like that is a huge hazard in traffic. You can easily be distracted upon seeing such a beautiful girl on a bike flashing her behind like that. Tanja Haapanen was given the title of Miss Bomber back in 2014 and also got second place in the Grid Girl 2015. If you want to see more photos and videos with her check out her Instagram profile.

At last, learn more about the craziest all-female biker group. These girls rock!