This RC Car With Camera & Microphone Takes a Ride On a Beach Full Of GIRLS!

It seems like FPV is all the rage at the moment, and for a good reason too. It`s extremely entertaining! You typically see people fitting FPV equipment on their RC planes or quadcopters. However, you can also put this gear on your ground-based RC vehicles like a car or a truck. This video is the perfect demonstration of this phenomenon. Will Heim, an RC enthusiast from San Diego who is also known on the internet by the name of cybername 951rc guy has become an internet sensation with his RC FPV vehicle. He made a quirky video which is fittingly named “Geek Gets Girl”.

With the help of an amazingly done RC FPV vehicle, Will Heim is in search of a beautiful girl on the beach. He`s got a point-of-view camera built into the Jeep so he can see where he is going. Meaning that Will is nowhere near the Jeep. Driving it remotely, Will finally spotted his girl and in the second part of this adventure gives her a flower. The most amazing thing about this video is that it`s completely real and nothing was staged. This is a proof that the geek can indeed get the pretty girl – but only with the help of a neatly done RC vehicle, a camera and a walkie-talkie.

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