Gorgeous Gisele Jumping in a Raptor! Awesome Reaction!

The Ford Raptor model is a favorite vehicle for many famous people including here Ken Block. The main reason for that is maybe the rare off-road adventures that this truck can offer, but at the end, that is the only thing that every adrenaline junkie looks for. One of them is the gorgeous model Giselle, who we have seen before, taking a ride in some beastly looking cars. Hence, we must praise her courage and passion for this kind of adventures.

At the beginning of the video, she says that she is known as a car girl and that she was supposed to have a ride in a Lamborghini Gallardo. However, something went wrong and the cute Giselle was forced to take an off-road ride in the Ford Raptor truck that was created just for that. She has certainly agreed to that offer, and after watching this video, we are sure that she did not regret it. There were few jumps that were quite scary for Giselle, because she got used to be ridden on flat terrains, but at the end she completes this journey with a huge smile on her face that will dazzle you. So, what will your answer be? Driving the same car or date with the same girl?!

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