The Craziest Motorcycle Fail Win Compilation!

Motorbikes are awesome, affordable and extremely fun machines of transportation. However, as we all know and have experienced, some bike riders just doesn`t have any regards towards other people`s safety. There are many riders out there that give proper motorcyclists a bad name. So of course we don`t condone doing mischiefs and driving dangerously on public roads. However, we give credit where credit is due and we appreciate skill. Having said that, besides the idiotic riding this motorcycle fail win compilation also features a lot of skilled riding as well. We just wish that riding could be demonstrated on closed tracks instead of public roads.

One example of that skillful riding we are talking about can be seen at the 7:50 mark in the compilation. This girl is definitely amazing and by the looks of it she might be born on a motorcycle. That`s how skilled she is! She is performing one extraordinary long wheelie with feet on seat. However, except a helmet she isn`t wearing any safety equipment at all which is insane. When it comes to beautiful girls there are many in this video that are doing some tire carnage. In this motorcycle fail win compilation you will also find many classic moments from various motorsport series that are bound to leave you in awe. Enjoy!

Finally, watch the craziest bike stunts ever performed!