Amazing Video With a Girl in Drift Car Toyota Supra! JUST WOW!

Dear Gearheads, since we all know your passion about fast cars, drifting and attractive women, we decided to find a footage where you can see it all! We call it the “3 in 1” masterpiece! You know how we all wish for an attractive young girl to ride next to us while we are using the fast lane? We all enjoy watching their facial expressions as they show pleasure, fear and curiosity at the same time! Ever imagined what would it look like if you take them for a drift? Well, this video will show you how a pretty girl reacts while she takes part in an ACTUAL RACE with a Toyota Supra!!!

As the driver goes full speed and drifts through the curves, her grimaces are AMAZINGLY FUN! She does look scared, a lot scared! She keeps saying something but unfortunately we are not good lip readers, you might be better though! Also, she felt a little embarrassed when her SHIRT POPPED OPEN, but hey, she was probably warned about that! One thing is for sure, she most definitely could not wait for the race to end. Turns out it`s better to just sit in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride!

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